Our Philosophy 


“The key to a healthy diet is variety – veggies for your body and cookies for your soul” – Lauren LaJoie

At Ambitious Apron™ we don’t believe in fad dieting. We know that fad diets are often miserable and are not sustainable. We believe in a balanced approach and moderation.

We focus on “The Fundamental 3” – protein, fats and carbohydrates – and eating them in the the appropriate ratios to meet your body’s needs and your personal goals. We believe in living without crazy restrictions and allowing all foods in your diet, in moderation.

We know that food is a big part of each of our social and family lives, our religions and our cultures.  Many of our own family events, holidays and greatest memories are centered around food and we believe that this is true for many. We embrace the “eat to live” attitude, but we also believe that life is about enjoyment and adventure, and often times we “live to eat”.

We believe that learning how to make healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices empowers us. And thus, our mission at Ambitious Apron™  is to empower individuals by educating, guiding and supporting them to a transformed, sustainable life.